Staging packages to showcase your home

The benefit of a staged home is that it gives buyers the true perspective of a home that is in move-in condition yet adaptable to integrate their own decorative style. Staging professionals accomplish this by highlighting and embellishing the homes’ natural features and finishes. Whether the structure is a distinctive townhome or an elegant, spacious house or an opulent, exclusive estate, there is a specially designed package to suit the characteristics of each. The packages accommodate varying budgets but with the same high level of customer service.


For homes listed up to $400,000 and up to 2000 square feet, this 60-day staging package offers the best value. It is designed to give attention to the rooms that comprise the heart of your home, which is generally the kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, and main bathrooms. Up to two bathrooms are included. Geared primarily toward townhomes or condos, this is a budget-friendly option with all the basics along with select accessories, which may include finishing touches like matching towels for bed and bath or organizers for a fresh, clean look.


Overall our most popular offering, this package expands the classic choice to include more furnishings and extras. Houses with a market value of up to $900,000 and square footage up to 4,000 would benefit greatly from the staging elements that make up this bundle. Carefully selected high-end furniture, strategic lighting, fine wall decor and rich floor coverings serve to enhance even the most well-appointed homes. Extending beyond the primary rooms covered under the classic package, the sophisticated level includes the family room, dinette or breakfast area and any room functioning as an office or study.

We leverage our expertise to develop a plan of what furniture size, style and colors would complement the prominent features of the property type. Once the plan is finalized and a budget is established, the next step is shopping around for quality items, scheduling delivery and orchestrating the setup.


Million-dollar-plus homes call for top-of-the-line design. Customers can expect magnificent finishes, accessories and fabrics that exude opulence from the point of entry throughout the expanse of the property. The lease term for this collection would be 90 days. When the staging is complete and the finishing touches are applied, the home will mimic those captured on the covers of high-end home design magazine covers. The service included in this package is highly personalized and customized to accommodate a client’s busy schedule and exemplary taste.

Color Consultation

It’s no secret that many people have a difficult time selecting the correct paint color for their homes. With so many different shades of each color, it can be quite confusing. Let us assist you in choosing color tones that will work best for you. We also will discuss preferences, furniture, and lighting within your home. We can even refer painters we have worked with in the past.

Interior Design

You deserve to live in a home you LOVE! We help you transform your challenging spaces through custom design to create the home you dream about. Every home is as individual as its owner and we work closely with you to be sure your taste and personality are reflected in your colors and furnishings.

We offer different design packages to our clients whether you need assistance with your entire home or just need a one-room makeover. Please contact us for specifics and pricing.

Next steps

The recommended first course of action is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. The market value and square footage serves as a guideline, but it is helpful to put the property through a full needs-assessment with a professional staging designer. Our approach would take into account the street view, exterior elements, interior layout and, probably most important, the preferences of discerning buyers and their real estate agents who will preview the home. Some buyers need a little help envisioning someone else’s space as their own. Staging can help prospective buyers see themselves comfortably ensconced in the setting created.

Here are a few tips to prepare for the consultant’s initial visit:

Allow the specialist to closely view your home from the outside in, giving them some space to assimilate the look and feel while envisioning any betterment that may enrich the existing features.

Stay open-minded to suggestions, but be honest if any ideas are not feasible either for budgetary or personal reasons.

Start to develop a plan for removing clutter. The consultant may be able to support your efforts by providing a list of resources such as professional organizers, storage facilities, trash removal companies and charities willing to pick up used furniture and appliances.

Following the initial visit, expect a quote and any additional recommendations suitable for your property and personal circumstances. Once the terms are agreed, allow the hired professionals to take over the transformation of your home and draw the attention of bona fide home purchase prospects.