Selling a home can be a grueling, drawn-out process. Getting your house in tip-top shape for photographs, cleaning for open houses, and waiting to hear back about potential buyers are all stressful areas of home selling that aren’t often expected when the decision to sell is made. Not only can these tasks seem overwhelming as a seller, but without the deep understanding of a professional, things may go missed in all areas of home selling including the décor and feel of your home.

While your home may be a perfect representation of who you are as a person or family, the truth of the matter is that there are certain tastes that may not appeal to potential buyers and could even hurt the sale. In fact, according to a homebuyer insight report completed by Bank of America, 75% of first-time homebuyers would like to skip the starter home. This means that sellers should be doing everything in their power to paint a picture for potential buyers. While your home may fit your needs, thinking with the customer in mind may be necessary in order to make a sale. That is where an interior designer comes in.

Hiring an interior designer

Although making a few changes to room color and furniture may seem like a simple fix, there is actually a science behind a look that appeals to all tastes. Hiring an interior designer will help your home stick out and grab the eye of buyers who may not necessarily be looking for the same thing. There are several ways an interior designer may achieve this, but first and foremost is by using your space the right way. This could mean several things such as de-cluttering or removing pieces that don’t belong, re-organizing your furniture to open up a room or attract focus to the right area, or even by making two adjacent rooms appear larger by painting them the same color. By using your space the right way, an interior designer will show potential buyers the best possible version of your home by making it appear as though the space is larger.

The right paint color

Choosing the right paint color may seem like a simple enough task, but time-and-time again, we see photos on real estate websites that include obnoxious colors or out-of-date wallpaper that may turn potential buyers off instantly. The truth of the matter is that most homebuyers avoid putting added work into their new home and prefer buying something that is move-in ready. Therefore, although you may have enjoyed the lime-green accent wall and panda bear wallpaper for your space, starting fresh and selecting a neutral color usually works best when it comes to selling your home. But not just any calming color will do. The right interior designer will recommend the best shade for each room of your home that will accentuate the style and look of your home without overwhelming it.

Editing the furniture

Another area that an interior designer will look into in order to sell your home is the décor and furniture chosen for your space. As mentioned previously, re-organizing furniture may be an option; however, in some cases, mismatched furniture or unsuitable pieces may distract buyers and ultimately result in them losing interest. An experienced interior designer will recommend furniture that complements your space while still appealing to buyers or may even recommend sanding and painting old furniture as a simple fix.

Hiring an interior designer may seem unnecessary to home sellers, but the added value of working with an experienced professional could mean selling your home faster with more offers that are closer or greater than your asking price. If you are considering selling your home or are having trouble getting it noticed then speaking with an interior designer to redesign your space may be the solution that you need.