A pop of color is something that can set the tone of a room and truly make it unique. Certain colors are more popular than others, depending on the room and how you want to feel in that room. Adding color can be a simple way of creating a comfortable environment within a home. Some people are bold with color, whereas others prefer neutrals. Whatever the preference, there is a color out there for everyone to enjoy in their homes.


Every color conjures emotions within the homeowner. For instance, blue can promote serenity and intelligence; green emits nature and balance; yellow represents happiness; while pink signifies love and sweetness. These varying hues may not always bring out certain emotions, but there is a strong correlation between color and reactions.


Here are the best paint colors for every house:


Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments (1563)

This color is a calming and soft blue that emits a relaxing and calming warmth in bedrooms. It’s a cool color that doesn’t make a bold statement but rather blends into a tranquil environment. Colors have an effect on our moods, which makes a soft color the perfect choice for a bedroom. A bedroom is meant to be a relaxing and soothing environment. A bright color could interrupt that serenity, making a bedroom not so relaxing. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/439875088575674492/


Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Often described as “greige,” this color is a melding of a soft gray with beige undertones. It almost has a soft gray sand tone that’s calming and neutral. This pewter complements most white marbles and can be a good compromise for anyone who thinks gray comes off too cold in the home. It’s important to have a color that grounds the color scheme and gives it depth. No room should be one tone. Having pops of color in addition to a soft neutral makes everything stand out more and gives the room a cohesive look through blending.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/458382068303433899/


Benjamin Moore White Sand (964)

Neutrals are always a great choice when it comes to wall colors, but beige has a bad reputation of looking dirty and dated. But beige can be a lovely soft neutral color that can be used throughout the home, especially when accentuated with bold colors or other neutrals. White Sand  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/77476056062948412/ is a light and creamy color that will help add a lightness to any space. Dark colors can often make spaces feel even smaller, while lighter colors create lighter spaces, which feel larger than they are. It’s important to keep in mind that painting ceilings are just as important as painting the walls. The standard white is still a classic, but colors similar to White Sand are a great alternative to a stark white.


Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray (HC-169)

Gray is a color that lends itself to flexibility as part of the neutral family. Coventry Gray https://www.pinterest.com/pin/703756164138129/ is a popular color for more modern and transitional interiors. It can be used as a starting point, with bold colors then be added to create a unique space. Gray is one of those colors that can be too dark, too light, or too cold. Finding the perfect shade can be difficult, but Coventry Gray is a shade that’s somewhere in between a light gray and soft stormy blue. It’s calming and reserved, which isn’t a bad combination for a wall color.


Benjamin Moore Thunder (AF-685)

As part of the Benjamin Moore Affinity collection, Thunder https://www.pinterest.com/pin/354658539385419904/ is a color that is completely versatile for anywhere in the home. It looks amazing with Benjamin Moore Bright White trim, which gives it a classic and clean look for those who enjoy clean lines without a room looking too sterile. Thunder has a silver-gray tone with subtle green-blue hues that make it unique and multipurpose.


Any of these classic colors will make your home comfortable and inviting—exactly what a home should be.