The art of selling a home is not something that is mastered by everyone. For most, putting their home on the market seems as simple as taking a few photos, hiring a real estate agent, and hoping for the best. While this approach may work for some, it is not the best approach for those who are interested in selling their home quickly and at a cost that matches their asking price. Home staging is a great way to update your home and make it appealing to potential buyers. If you are interested in selling your home but are struggling with the overall look and feel of your home, then consider these 7 home-staging tips to sell your home:

  1. Get rid of clutter. We have all been on those real estate websites, flipping through photos of homes when that one house comes across the screen that makes us cringe. You know the one—the home that is covered in clutter from top to bottom. According to Realty Times, it is important to understand the difference between “living” and “selling.” Understanding the buyers needs and sacrificing personal taste for a short while, could make all the difference when it comes to selling your home quickly and at a great price.
  2. Float furniture away from walls creating a seating area. Thinking like the buyer, when preparing your home for a sale, is the key to making your home stand out from the others in your area. A great way to make your home stand out is to create a vision for the buyer that promotes a homely feel so that they are able to imagine living there. One great way to do this is to create a seating area by pulling furniture away from walls and creating a cozier look.
  3. Be sure each room has a purpose. Again, helping the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home is a fantastic way to create selling opportunities for your home. In order to inspire these thoughts, you will need to set up each room so that they “tell a story” or create a clear vision of what it would be like to live there. In a recent Los Angeles Times interview with the Real Estate Staging Association, the goal is to make the home look “move-in ready.”
  4. Be sure rooms are well-lit. While décor certainly is important, lighting is crucial to ensuring a sell. Showing each potential buyer that the electric in your home is running efficiently while simultaneously creating a better, brighter picture of the living environment are key factors in catching the eye of any potential buyer.
  5. Tone down the paint and neutralize. While paint color may seem like a silly thing to stress over, it actually may be the make or break factor in your sell. Although bright red or lime green may have seemed fun at the time, these colors may be too bold for potential home buyers. If you are struggling with the best paint color for an updated, fresh look in your home, then Franklin Painting, LLC has developed a fantastic list of options.
  6. Accessorize in threes. The old saying goes that good things come in threes, and this is no exception to accessorizing your home. While too many objects could look cluttered, too few may create an empty look. That is why when accessorizing your home, it is preferable to do it in threes. If you are struggling with executing this look, then imagine a triangle and place one object on each point and group accessories by color, shape and texture to create a balanced look.
  7. Create a relaxing bedroom setting. When it comes to staging your bedroom, the key here is to develop a welcoming and warm feel to the room. This is best achieved by adding soft linens and colors as well as a neutral and relaxing look. The bedroom is a place of sanctuary for most people and creating a calming feeling will make home buyers feel at home the moment they enter. Another area to focus on in the bedroom is your closet. One huge mistake that some home sellers make when it comes to the bedroom is hiding their belongings in their closet. Many home buyers love to take a look at closet size when shopping for homes, and walking into a cluttered space will make the closets appear smaller than they are.