Selling a home is a huge undertaking. If you’re in the process of trying to sell your home, you probably have a lot on your mind: moving, renovations, realtors, pricingjust to name a few. While it’s important to make sure your house gets all of the necessary fixes and looks good on paper for buyers, the way a house looks to potential buyers is just as necessary a consideration as any other.

Hiring a professional decorator isn’t usually high on the list of priorities when you’re selling your home, but it can be a smart and even necessary investment to make sure you present your house to homebuyers in the best way possibleand sell your house quickly. Here are four reasons hiring a decorator can help you sell your home faster.

  1. Homebuyers want to buy a house that they could live innot one that looks lived in. People who are on the hunt for a new home usually want to start fresh, build a life, and make the space their own. Since your taste may be different from your potential buyer’s taste, it’s usually best to make decorations and presentation as neutral as possible when showing your home. Too much style, personality, or too many personal objects on display could take away a potential buyer’s ability to see himself or herself living in the house. Professional decorators not only know how to decorate for any client’s taste, they know how to appeal to new buyers—and sell your house faster.
  2. A decorator will have an outsideand professionaleye to catch what you won’t. A decorator can serve as an outside, unfamiliar eye who can offer opinions you may not have thought about yourselfespecially if you’ve lived in your house for a long time and have decorated it to fit your own taste. What’s normal to you in your home may be a distraction to a potential buyer who wants to make it theirs, and a professional decorator can help point out and cut down on those distractions.
  1. A professional decorator can make renovation and presentation decisions easy. With selling a home comes a lot of hard decisions that you may not know how to make. Though basic fixes are often easy enough to do yourself, design and presentation decisionslike paint, furniture, and even presentation of your current décorare sometimes best left up to an unbiased professional who knows what’s best to display to potential buyers. Plus, professional designers won’t have any of the emotional or family ties to your house that often make decisions and changes more difficult.
  2. Decorators keep track of trends and know and what will appeal to homebuyers. As a professional in the business, it’s part of a decorator’s job to have the inside scoop on what homebuyers want to see. That knowledge can help you decorate and present your house in a way that will appeal to potential buyers. Decorators understand what’s trendy and what design touches are attractive to homebuyers, and can present your home in a way that will attract attention and sell more quickly.

A professional decorator can be an investment, but in terms of selling your home, it can be a necessary one. Presentationeven small touchesmakes a big difference to home buyers; it controls their first impression, how they feel about the house in general, and whether or not they can picture themselves there.